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Climate Action

✓ Reduce Carbon Footprint 

✓ More Accessible Cooling Centres

With the increase of extreme weather events, I want to push for more accessible cooling centres for those who need them.

✓ Better Watershed Areas

I will push for better watershed areas to reduce the number of flooding in residential properties.

Image by Vansh Juneja


✓ Expand Canopy Growth

I want to maintain and expand our canopy growth adding to our existing growth and not reducing or replacing mature trees











A woodland walk with Arborist Kyle McLaughlin

✓ Protect Current Spaces

Dad walk .jpg


✓ Thoughtful Development

I want to advocate for proper and thoughtful development to meet the Ontario targets. This includes playgrounds for children, recreational facilities for seniors as well as infrastructure that can properly handle growth.

Image by Oakville News


 ✓ Increase Services for Seniors

 ✓ Increase Day Care Centres

 ✓ Increase By Law Officers

Food Delivery


Modernize Current Ridership Numbers

Ensure the transit plan to electrification occurs

Yellow Bus on the Bridge

My Priorities

I will listen to and follow through on any issues that arise in my ward. As a successful business executive, I will use my past experiences to increase efficiency and support programs in a financially prudent way, maintaining the lowest tax increases in the region. Here are some of my priorities:

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